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Authors Beverly Mills of Pennington and Elaine Buck of Hopewell.
“If These Stones Could Talk”

Authors Beverly Mills and Elaine Buck began collaborating over a decade ago into researching the lives of their African American ancestors who resided in the Sourland Mountain Region and surrounding areas.

Through many years of research, examination of records, deeds, church records and collection of oral histories, Mills and Buck were persuaded to write a book entitled, “If These Stones Could Talk.” 

The goal of the book is to provide a clearer understanding of the African American experience and accomplishments of those who lived in the Sourland Mountain Region.

“If These Stones Could Talk” will chronicle not only the hardships and stark realities that so many Blacks faced as slaves, and then “apprentices” in New Jersey, but will also highlight the thriving communities, loyal veterans, committed churches and real economic contributions made by their ancestors that, without their efforts, were largely forgotten in local history accounts.  

It is the belief of Mills and Buck that American history has long presented a single narrative that has not adequately included African American history.  

After reading “If These Stones Could Talk” the authors hope readers will come away with a clearer understanding of how African American history is American history.